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Miss Mantz

"The best way to spread Christmas Cheer is singing loud for all to hear!" The Movie: Elf   We started the week by singing Rudoplh the Red Nose Reindeer and Jingle Bells. We also practiced our songs for the Christmas Service. We began a countdown to Christmas and started making a fun reindeer ornament. This week our theme is The Gingerbread Man!

Being brave and strong are fantastic qualities to have and one of the men in our Bible story was just that. David was just a shepherd boy to his father's sheep while his brothers were in the army. While watching the sheep, David scared away both a lion and a bear with God's help. Then one day David's father told David to deliver some food to his brother's who were in the army. When David got to the battle grounds there were two hills. On the one hill were God's people and on the other hill were the enemies. In between the two hills stood a 9ft tall man named Goliath. All of God's people were scared to fight Goliath, afraid of what might happen. David spoke to the leader of the army and chose to fight Goliath with God's help. However, when Goliath saw David he began to laugh. David was not scared because he knew that God was on his side. David had picked five stones and put them in his shepherd bag. he took a stick and a sling for throwing stones. David put one stone in his sling and began to swing the sling in the air. Then David let the stone fly out of the sling; it hit Goliath so hard on the head that he fell to the ground and died. How happy all of God's people were. This week we begin the Christmas Story with God has a special message for Mary.

We learned all about the letter Ee. The children did great with the letter Ee and more and more students are taking notice of their surroundings by finding Ee's (and other letters we have worked on) on the board, in books and throughout the hallway! We used our bodies to make a huge E. We also played some fun gingerbread letter games. And we finished the week with out letter journals where the kids drew elephants, eels, Ezra, Elias, Esau, eight, earmuffs, ear, eye, eyebrows, earrings, and much more. 

In Math we reviewed the numbers 1-7 and then began learning the number 8. We really focused on the proper way to make an 8 which is to make a S and then close the gate. The students were really catching on. This week we move onto the number 9.

During Happily Ever After we again continuted our new story La Tortuga (which means The Turtle in Spanish). We worked on tracing and making circles as well as staying in the lines while coloring. This week in Social Studies we we begin learning how Christmas is celebrated around the world. 

Keep in mind that we will continue to go outside for recess with the feels like temperature around 20 degrees. If the students have boots and snowpants they may stay warmer. Also, if there is snow on the ground and they do not have their snow things here they will need to stay on the blacktop. 

We will be going on a field trip to Mary Jude Nursing Home to sing Christmas Carols, give them gifts and eat Christmas Cookies on Tuesday, December 18th. A permission slip came home in folders and needs to be returned by Friday, December 14th. Sorry to parents, there is NO availability for Chaperones. 


Dates to Remember 
Chicken Nugget Hot Lunch - Tuesday, December 4th
Pizza Hot Lunch Form Due- Tuesday, December 11th
Field Trip Permission Slip Due (Mary Jude Nursing Home)  - Friday, December 14th
Wear All One Color Day - Friday, December 14th
Field Trip - Tuesday, December 18th 9:30-11 AM
Pizza Hot Lunch - Tuesday, December 18th
Ugly Sweater Day & Christmas Party - Wednesday, December 19th
Dress Rehearsal, Meet @ Jordan at 8AM - Thursday, December 20th
Christmas Service - Thursday, December 20th @ 6:30 PM
Christmas Break - Friday, December 21st - Wednesday, January 2nd
Classes Resume - Thursday, January 3rd