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Miss Mantz 4K

Last week we did a mini detour in our seasonal themes and went on an adventure up a bean stalk, through the woods and to a kingdom far, far away. If you haven't guessed it yet, our theme was Once Upon a Time. We talked about the differences in fictional and non-fictional stories. We talked about the different Disney princesses along with fairytale stories like Jack in the Beanstalk, The Three Little Pigs, and The Ugly Duckling. The children really enjoyed the story Jack in the Beanstalk and making their very own beanstalk. This week we will be learning all about Native Americans and their role in the first Thanksgiving. 

Christ Light: We continued learning about Moses last week and how he led God's people out of Egypt and to the promised land. The Pharaoh promised to let God's people go and Moses and God's people began their journey by following a cloud during the day and a flame floating in the sky at night. On their journey they came upon the Red Sea and decided to camp out for the night. In the morning God helped Moses to part the sea as he lifted his staff over the sea. The sea split and a path formed between two walls of water. Moses and God's people walked through. In the mean time, Pharaoh decided he did not want God's people to leave. He sent his men on horses and a chariot to bring God's people back. The followed God's people into the path in the Red Sea. However, God saw that they were coming and as soon as God's people made it through he helped Moses 'close' the Red Sea. The water came crashing down on Pharaohs' soldiers. Moses and God's people were happy to have made it safely to the other side. This week we continue learning about Moses in the story of the 10 Commandments. 

Letter Time: Last week we learned about the letter Ii. The children liked this letter since it is easier to make. However, since it is a vowel, it is a harder sound for the students to remember. We talked about different things that start with the letter Ii and completed our letter journals. The children drew pictures of ice cream, igloos, ice cubes, icicles, ink, iguanas and insects. This week move onto T for Turkey! We also began focusing a little more on letter sounds as we took a look at some small sight words - yes, no, I, a, go and to. 

Math: During Math we reviewed numbers 1-5 and began the number 6. The children struggled a little bit with making the 6 as they wanted to draw a line down, stop and go clockwise around. This week we move onto the number 7 - Across the sky and down from Heaven, that's the way to make a 7.

Social Studies and Happily Ever After: During Social Studies we finished our unit by talking about the 'biggest' thing - the World. The children's booklets will be coming home this week. During November and December we will be talking about the first Thanksgiving and Christmas Around the World. We will also sprinkle in some lessons to prepare for our Art Fair that will be held during our Open House in January. During Happily Ever After we continued working with the color blue and the concepts of over and under. We also worked on sorting things into different groups and ultimately sorting the characters from Little Red Riding hood and Goldilocks and the Three Bears into groups based on the story they were in. We will finish up our unit on Goldilocks and move onto our next unit this week. 

Recess:  Remember that your child will need gym shoes in order to play in the gym. Days that are rainy and wet will be spent in the gym. Also, make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather. We go outside a little after 9 AM and will continue going outside if the temperature is 20 degrees and above. 

Field Trip: The field trip permission slips for the Public Museum are due THIS Friday, November 15th. This will be an ALL day field trip, on Wednesday, December 4th,  in which we will be touring the museum along with seeing a 3D show. 


Week 13: November 11th - November 15th
Theme: Native Americans
Christ Light: God Gives the 10 Commandments
Letter: T
Sight Words: Be, Me, We
Mystery Bag: Kennedy

Week 14: November 18th - November 22nd
Theme: Gobble Gobble
Christ Light: God Makes the Walls of Jericho Fall Down
Letter: F
Sight Words: And
Mystery Bag: Zoe


Grilled Cheese Hot Lunch Form Due - Tuesday, November 12th
Grilled Cheese Hot Lunch - Tuesday, November 19th
Culver's Fundraiser - Tuesday, November 19th from 5-8PM
PTO Meeting - Tuesday, November 19th at 6PM
B-Team Basketball Tournament - Thursday, November 21st thru Sunday, November 24th
(Visit the tournament link on the athletic page to sign up to help volunteer)
School Spirit Day - Friday, November 22nd
NO SCHOOL - Thursday, November 28th and Friday, November 29th