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This last week we spent a majority of our time practicing extra hard for our Moving on Ceremony {A Night in Hollywood} that is coming up TOMORROW MAY 22nd at 5:30PM. 3K-5K will be singing songs together, doing a skit together and then each class will be singing their own song! I'm sure the kids have sang parts of the songs at home for you but I cannot wait for everyone to see these cute kids show you their talents! :) Also, do not forget to invite all of your friends and family; its going to be a fun night. 

During Christ Light we learned how the children chose to learn about Jonah and the Whale. This was not a story that we previously learned so they had a lot of fun each and every morning this week learning something new. We started Monday by watching a short video about Jonah and the Whale. The kids learned that Jonah was swallowed by the whale because he was trying to hide from God. While he was trying to hide from God he boarded a ship and a huge storm caused the ship to begin filling with water. Jonah told the kind men who let him abaord their ship that the only way for them to stop the storm and be safe was to throw him overboard. Jonah was thrown overboard and swallowed up by the whale. God kept Jonah safe inside that whale for 3 days. While in the whale Jonah prayed to God. When 3 days had passed God allowed Jonah to be 'released' from the whales stomach. Jonah then did the job God had asked him to do; he went to Nineveh to spread God's Word to the people living there.  Next week the children chose to review the story of Adam and Eve because we have not learned about that story in awhile :)

Chase started the week out by bringing in his super cool blue and red T-rex that makes noises. All the children loved it as they are still very much in love with dinosaurs. Then Eloise convinced her mom to bring in another treat for the kiddos. She brought birthday cake oreos in for her Mystery Bag item. All the children then decided that we should eat them in the dark. They then turned on the disco ball in the classroom and danced. During afternoon recess and later on in the afternoon they told everyone they got to have a party! You have to love the imaginations of these little ones and their ability to be happy and excited for the littlest things. 

OUTDOOR WEATHER: It looks like we are going to have a warm last week of school with a little rain. Hopefully the rain holds off and we have clear skies for Field Day on Friday! 

It has been a privelage to get the opportunity to teach your fun loving children this school year and I cannot wait to see them grow in God's Word at Lamb of God! Have a blessed Summer!

Upcoming dates: 
Moving on Ceremony - Monday, May 22nd at 5:30 PM
Graduation - Thursday, May 25th @ 6:30
Field Day - Friday, May 26th (Half Day)

School Orientation for the 2017-2018 School Year is Thursday, August 10th at 1PM and Tuesday, August 15th at 6:30PM
The Opening Service will be Sunday, August 20th

Please also look for a note this week or in the mail over the summer regarding a get to know you prescool picnic that will be held prior to the school year


Week 38 (May 22nd - May 26th)

Christ Light: Children's Choice {Adam and Eve}
Review ALL Letters
Mystery Bag: Mon. May 22 - Norah


First day of the 2017-2018 school year is August 21st