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Miss Mantz 4K

"Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith." ~ Margaret Shepherd ~ Taking a leap of faith is a tremendous form of transportation and the perfect quote to connect our weeks theme to our religious lessons. Nonetheless, we learned all about the big word - transportation. We learned that transportion means to get from one place to another. We talked aboout different ways that people can get from one place to another. (cars, bikes, trucks, buses, planes, helicopters, trains, etc...) We also talked about differend vehicles such as ice cream trucks, police cars and garbage trucks and what they might transport. The children also got to make stop n go lights and name trains. This week our theme is Dynomite Dinosaurs.

Christ Light: Be still and know that I am God. God wants us to know that no matter what this situation is, He will be there to help us through it. It was no different when Jesus and his friends where on a boat amidst a storm. After a long and busy day of teaching, Jesus told his friends, "Let's go to the other side of the lake." Jesus and his friends got in the boat to sail to the other side. Jesus was tired so he rested on a cushion and fell asleep. Suddenly a terrible storm began where the wind was blowing hard creating huge waves. Water started getting into the boat and Jesus' friends were worried they were going to sink or be thrown overboard. They woke up Jesus crying out, "Lord, help us! Save us so we do not drown." Jesus said, "Why are you so afraid?" Then he got up and called out, "Quiet! Be Still!" Right away the storm stopped and everything was quiet. Jesus used his almighty power to show them that he is the Son of God. This week we learn about another miracle: Jesus feeds the 5,000.

Letter Time & Sight Word: Last week we learned all about the letter Vv. It was interesting as the children were able to make the letter really well but struggled a little with making its sound. We are continuing to work on its sound this week as we are learning the W which is two V's put together. We also reviewed the sight words we've learned: my, by, up and see. Then we learned the word run. Some of the kids are starting to catch on to the idea that when letter sounds are put together they form words.  

Social Studies & Happily Ever After: During Social Studies we learned about Abraham Lincoln and George Washington in celebration of their birthdays and President's Day. We learned how their lives were different that what our lives are now. This week we go back to our unit on Travel starting with a 'trip' to Mexico (if only!) During Happily Ever After we continued our new unit on Jingles, Rhymes and Poems. We mainly focused on our directional terms such as next to, above, below, in front of and behind. 

Recess: We had a short warm up but are due to get more snow this week. Depending on weather (windchill of 20 or higher) we will be going outside to play in the snow. Please be prepared for both indoor and outdoor recesses. 

Field Trip: We are going to Betty Brinn Children's Museum on Wednesday, March 4th. We will be leaving at 9 AM and returing around Noon. If you have not turned in your permission slip please do so by Friday, February 28th. 


Important Dates

Mini Pizza Hot Lunch - Tuesday, February 25th
Kids Heart Challenge & Wear Red Day - Thursday, February 27th
Betty Brinn Field Trip - Wednesday, March 4th
NO SCHOOL - Thursday, March 5th or Friday, March 6th