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Miss Mantz

Bunnies and Chicks
Did you know that bunnies run from their prey in a zigzag pattern? And they ever so springy feet can reach speeds up to 18 mph. As all the kids say, "They're so cute!" (maybe not when they're eating moms flowers and plants tho...) We learned that not all bunnies are white and that they can also be black, brown and gray. We also learned that they have amazing eye sight and hearing. Bunnies are not the only popular animal around Easter; we spent a little time learning about chicks as well. Just like little kids, they are afraid of the dark the first time they experience it and they can fall asleep pretty much anywhere. We made a cute chick project and read some fun books as well: There was an Old Lady who Swalled a Chick, The Grumpy Bunny's Too Many Bunnybabies and The Grumpy Bunny Easter Bunny, and God Bless our Easter. This week we turn all our attention to Jesus Resurrection.

Christ Light
Jesus died for the sins of ALL PEOPLE. Jesus prayed for there to be another way he could save the sins of all people but it was God's will for him to die on the cross, that's why he let his enemies put him on the cross to die. Many people, including his mother and friends, came to see Jesus and how sad they wre to see him dying on the cross. Jesus hung there all morning. Then, during the brightest part of the day, something strange happened. It became dark all over, just like at night. It was dark for 3 hours. During this time is when Jesus suffered the most so that we would not have to be punished for our sins. Finally Jesus called out, "It is Finished!" Jesus knew he was done suffering on the cross, he bowed his head and died. Then all of a sudden the ground began to shake and people were scared. The leader of the soldiers saw what was happening and knew that it was true, he really was the Son of God. This week we learn of his ressurrection on Easter day. 
Letter Time
X marks the spot. Early on kids learn the letter x becuase of treasure maps making it one of the most recognizable letters. The children do a fairly good job of making Xx's as well; however, some times they end of laying on their sides. We focus on making sure that they are standing up X's. It's sound is also a tricky one. Considering there are not many words that begin with X the common sound for x is /ks/. Then when it starts a word it makes the /z/ sound. The children did a fantastic job of thinking of words that contained the letter x for their journals this week: box tops, box, fox, mix, six, boxing, X-ray, exit, ax and xylophone. We only have a few letters left and move onto the letter y this week. 

Happily Ever After, Math, and Social Studies
We continued our story, Tug of War, during Happily Ever After. The kids have mastered its 'theme song' that plays on the CD. We did a lot of work with different shapes, finishing patterns and directional terms such as above and below. In Math we continued working with sorting. We did an easier sort but did it through a hands on activity. The students were all given about 15 toy links in which they had to separate by color and then connect all the reds together, all the greens together, all the yellows together and then all the blues together. They had a lot of fun with this and enjoyed seeing which color wound up with the most. April is a big month in the sports world, specifically baseball. On April 15th each year every baseball player in the major leagues wears the #42 on their jersey in honor of an individual that changed baseball forever: Jackie Robinson. We read the story I am Jackie Robinson and then did a Jackie Robinson craft. 


You have to love spring in Wisconsin; by now everyone should expect it to snow mid April. Thank you to the families that brought their childrens snow things. They had a lot of fun playing in the snow ONE LAST TIME (hopefully). Keep in mind that the weather is ever changing and to dress in layers as it warms up quite a bit between first and second recess. Please also remember to pack gym/tennis shoes for your child on rainy days. 

Now through April 30th the school is having a box top competition and the classroom who builds the highest tower will receive an ice cream party. Because we have 12 kids, our total number of box tops will be divided by 24 to figure out how many bricks will be in our tower. This also means that we need to bring in A LOT of box tops in order to build the biggest tower. You may also bring in any dimes you have laying around :) {but only dimes since box tops are worth 10 cents}


Dates to Remember
Walking Taco Hot Lunch - Tuesday, April 16th
PTO Meeting - Tuesday, April 16th at 6PM
Quesadilla Hot Lunch Form Due - THURSDAY, APRIL 18th
Dress Like a Teacher Day - Thursday, April 18th
NO SCHOOL - Friday, April 19th - Sunday, April 28th
Classes Resume - Monday, April 29th