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Miss Mantz

We had a lot happen this last week. Piper's birthday was on Tuesday and she brought some delicious funfetti cupcakes to share with the class. Thursday we had some visitors at school: the West Allis Fire Department and Sparky the Fire Dog. We started out in the gymnasium listening to a presentation on the importance of smoke detectors in the house and having 2 ways out. Then we went outside where they had both a fire truck and a fire engine. (Fun Fact: The difference between a fire truck and a fire engine is a fire truck has a ladder on top and a fire engine carries the hose) Firefighter Steve then put on all of his gear and showed the children how none of his skin was showing. Then another firefighter climbed all the way to the top of the 105 ft. ladder. And then at the end Sparky the fire dog made an appearance in which all the classes got to take pictures with him.  Then Friday was out first field trip of the year. We went to Ebert's Greenhouse village and while the bus trip may have been long it was a fun day. We got to listen to the story Click Clack Moo Cow that Type and then make a cow using a white paper bag, glue stick and marker. Then we went on a hayride to pick out pumpkins from the pumpkin patch. Afterwards we ate lunch and played on the playground that was created from hay bales and slides. 

Last week in Christ Light we learned about God's plan for Joseph. Joseph was one of Jacob's many sons; however, Joseph was given a brightly colored robe. Becuase he was given this robe his brothers became jealous believing their father liked Joseph better. Joseph's brothers decided to take him out into the field one day where they were going to kill him and throw him into a hole. But while they were there traders approached them and they decided to take trade their brother for silver. Before trading him they took his robe off. They then took his robe and put blood on it, took it home to their father and asked him isn't this Joseph's robe. Jacob knew it was Joseph's robe and was extremely sad because he thought an animal had killed his son. Next week we learn how Joseph became a ruler in a far away land. 

This past week we started taking turns with the Mystery Bag. Piper and Avalyn both had their first chance with the Mystery Bag and they both chose to bring in their Doc McStuffins doctor coats and medical bags. Next week Morgan and James will get a chance.

During letter time we learned all about the letter S. We practiced writing both the upper and lowercase S's and we learned the sound it makes. We did a lot of practice with writing the letter S as the concept of making a curve instead of a striaght line was hard for some students. Some students did extra work with their S's while others worked on the sight word go. This week we will be working on progress reports as the first quarter is coming to a close. 

We started our Social Studies unit where we will be looking at this is me, this is my school, this is my neighborhood and gradually working our way up to bigger things such as the world.  

We started our Goldilocks and the Three Bears Unit for Happily Ever After. We also read Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs and then discussed the similarities and differences between the two stories. 

Just a friendly reminder that students are not to be dropped off prior to 7:45 unless arrangements have been made with the teacher. Teacher hours begin at 7:30; therefore, if you have made arrangements please abide by the time set up as it is not guaranteed there will be a teacher in the building if you arrive earlier than your designated time. 
Dates to Remember
Happy Birthday Avalyn - Monday, October 16th
Slipper Day and Mac & Cheese Hot Lunch - Wednesday, October 25th
NO SCHOOL - Thursday, October 26th or Friday, October 27th
Moana Movie Night - Friday, November 10th @ 6PM