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Miss Mantz

Gobble, Gobble is what we're all excited to do come Thursday but it was also our theme last week. We learned all about turkeys! We learned about the different things that a turkey has like their feathers, beak, feet and their snood. We did a couple turkey crafts 1) a pattened turkey that the kids colored 2) a letter T turkey that had feathers on the top part of the T and then a face on the vertical line of the T  3) used a sponge to paint a paper plate and then glued a turkey head onto the plate. All three of these projects are up in the classroom :) This week we are going to learn about Thanksgiving. 

Last week also kicked off the basketball season here at Lamb of God. It was great to see some of you coming out to support the B teams during the tournament. Along with the basketball tournament we had our School Spirit Dress Up day and a Pep Rally where we got to see all the boys and girls that played basketball and their school pride! 

We began finished learning about Moses with the story of Moses and the 10 Commandments. One day God lead his people to a mountain and they had to camp there. Sometimes God told Moses to climb up the mountain and God would talk to him. God asked Moses to remind his people that if they obey and listen that he will take care of them and keep them as his people. The people agreed to do everything that God asked them to do. One day God came to speak to Moses from a cloud so that all the people could hear. A thick cloud came over the mountain, and there was the sound of a very loud trumpet along with thunder and lightning. The people were frightened. God spoke giving them the 10 Commandments to obey. When God was done giving this commandments, Moses went down the mountain and asked if they would do as God said. They again agreed. Then Moses went back up to the top of the mountain where he stayed for 40 days and 40 nights while he wrote the 10 Commandments on 2 stones. This week we are learning how the walls of Jericho fell. 

We learned all about the letter Tt last which was convienent as we talked about turkeys. We talked all about its sound and the children noticed that it was similar to the letter I. They also took note that the lowercase t looked like a cross. We did our letter journals and the students are starting to pick up on the beginning sounds of words. We also did a color book called Look at the Turkey. The children had to color the red, orange, yellow and green turkeys and then draw their own turkey. Some of the students had super cute turkeys. This week we are moving onto the letter Ff.

During Happily Ever After we finished the story the Three Little Bears and began our new story La Tortuga (which means The Turtle in Spanish). It is a cute story where the kids want to turn the turtle into soup but the turtle plays her flute and escapes. In the end the kids enjoy listening to the turtle play the flute and went to visit the turtle at her home just to hear her play while they danced. We are taking a break from our Social Studies booklet to focus on the first Thanksgiving and Christmas Aroudn the World. Last week we made a Thanksgiving bracelet with beads. (black - pilgrims, white - sails of Mayflower, Blue - the ocean, green - New World, white- Snow, Brown and Light green - Squanto and planting, red, orange and yellow - Vegetables we celebrate with on Thanksgiving).

The weather is always changing in good Ole Wisconsin - be prepared for anything. :)


Dates to Remember 
Spaghetti and Meatballs Hot Lunch - Tuesday, November 20th
PTO Meeting - Tuesday, November 20th @ 6PM
Pumpkin Pie Making - Wednesday, November 21st 10AM
NO SCHOOL - Thursday, Nov. 22nd and Friday, Nov. 23rd
Crazy Hair Day - Friday, November 30th
Wear All One Color Day - Friday, December 14th
Ugly Sweater Day & Christmas Party - Wednesday, December 19th
Dress Rehearsal, Meet @ Jordan at 8AM - Thursday, December 20th
Christmas Service - Thursday, December 20th @ 6:30 PM
Christmas Break - Friday, December 21st - Wednesday, January 2nd
Classes Resume - Thursday, January 3rd