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Miss Mantz

Lord we lift your name on high! The children did a fantastic job praising the Lord and lifing his name on high yesterday in church :) 

Last week was dental health week. We learned the importantce of keeping our teeth clean by brushing them, flossing, and eating healthy. We did a fun project where the students had to cut out a tooth shape which had hands and then glue a paper made toothbrush into its hand. Then we also did a tooth puzzle. the students had to cut out 5 pieces and then glue them onto another piece of paper to complete the puzzle. We also began talking about Valentine's day and made Valentine's Bee's: Will you Bee my Valentine? This week we continue learning about Valentine's Day. 

Jesus does many miralces before he dies on the cross to take away our sins. One of these miralces is helping his friends catch fish. One day Jesus was standing by the lake teaching people God's Word. The crowd of people was so large that many of them could not see or hear Jesus. Jesus climbed into Peter's boat and asked him to take it a ways out from shore. Jesus then taught the people from the boat. When he was done teaching, he said, "Peter, now take you rboat out into the deep water and let down your nets to catch fish." Peter wasn't so sure about this as they had been fishing the whole night before and not caught anything. Jesus, Peter, James, John and some other men went out in their boats and let down their nets. All of a sudden the nets were full of fish! Soon both boats were so full of fish they began to sink. The men in the boats were so surprised at how many fish Jesus helped them to catch. However, Peter was more scared then surprised. Jesus said, "Don't be afraid. From now on I want you to catch people." Jesus wanted Peter, James and John to go out and be disciples and share God's word with all people, both believers and nonbelievers. This week we are learning how Jesus calmed the storm. 

Our letter of the week was Mm. We learned how to make it and make its sound. We finished the week with our letter journals drawing pictures of muffins, mailboxes, marshmallows, Mya, Miles, mushrooms, McDonalds, Minnie and Mickey Mouse and much more. This week we move onto the letter P.

For Happily Ever After we finished our story: The Elves and the Shoemaker. We are still working really hard on listening during story time and while the CD is being used during our lessons. This week we will be starting our unit on Jingles, Rhymes and Poems. 

Please make sure your child has the proper attire to go outside. We will be trying to go outside any chance we get. If your child does not have boots or snowpants they will be required to stay on the parking lot. 

Dates to Remember 
Alfredo Hot Lunch Form Due - Tuesday, February 12th
Valentine's Day Party - Thursday, February 14th
Alfredo Hot Lunch - Tuesday, February 19th
PTO Meeting - Tuesday, February 19th @ 6PM
Chicken Nugget Hot Lunch Form Due - Tuesday, February 26th
Wake Up Wednesday - Wednesday, February 27th
NO SCHOOL - Thursday, February 28th and Friday, March 1st