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Miss Mantz 4K

Our first week back started out fantastic but unfortunately over the course of the week we had to relearn some of our classroom rules after our long Christmas Break. We also took the week to learn all bout the New Year. We talked about how January is the month that starts a new year. We made fireworks using a cut up toilet paper roll and then we made cute people with party hats. Then at attached the bottom of the person was a New Year's Resolution each child came up with. (well, with some ideas thrown their way by me) This week, coinciding perfectly with the fresh snowfall, we will be learning about polar animals and snowmen. 

Christ Light: Long ago, when Jesus was born, some wise men were watching the stars. "That one star is new!" they thought. The wise men were sure that God had put this special star in the sky to show that Jesus, the Savior, had been born. The wise men began following the star and stopped in a big city called Jerusalem. They asked around to see if anyone knew where the new baby had been born. The king in Jerusalem, King Herod, did not like hearing about this new king. King Herod told the wisemen to report back to him once they found baby Jesus so he too could visit him; however, King Herod was lying and really wanted to kill baby Jesus. The wise men then continued on until they found baby Jesus in the town of Bethlehem. They brought him gifts of gold, frankensence and myrrh. Then before they returned home, an angel of the Lord appeared to them in a dream warning them to go back via a different route. That is just what they did. This week we will learn how God kept Jesus safe. 

Letter Time & Math: We used letter time and math time to complete our progress reports for the second quarter. The children wrote their letters (upper and lower), wrote their numbers, told me what letters and numbers they were able to recognize and much more. 

Social Studies and Happily Ever After: During Social Studies we learned about the Liberty Bell. We did a brief history lesson learning about the bell and where its located on our globe compared to Wisconsin. Then we created bells using aluminum foil, cups and toilet paper rolls. These will be displayed during the art show at open house the end of January. During Happily Ever After we started our new unit, The Elves and the Shoemaker. We listened to the story and played a game of red light, green light while walking and running in place. We will make our storybooks this week, identify colors, draw circles and identify parts of a whole.

Recess:  Thank you to everyone for bringing your snow stuff to school. The children enjoyed playing in the fresh snow this morning (1/13). We will continue going outside should the temperature be above 20 degress (with windchill). Please continue to make sure your child is prepared for the weather. If weather does not allow us to go outside, we will be in the gym. At this point your chlid will need proper gym shoes. 


Week 20: January 13 - January 17th
Theme: New Year's
Christ Light: God Keeps Jesus Safe
Letter: B
Sight Word: My, By
Mystery Bag: Jude

Week 21: January 20 - January 24th
Theme: MLK
Christ Light: Young Jesus Visits the Temple
Sight Word: Up
Mystery Bag: Kennedy

Week 22: January 27 - January 31
Theme: Groundhog Day
Christ Light: Jesus is Baptized by John 
Letter: N
Sight Word: Not
Mystery Bag: Zoe


Chipotle Fundraiser in Hales Corners - Monday, January 13th 4-8PM
Hot Dog Hot Lunch - Tuesday, January 14th
Jude's Birthday - Wednesday, January 15th
100th Day of School - Friday, January 24th (dress like you're 100 years old or create a shirt with 100 things on it)