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Miss Mantz

Spring is finally upon us! Last week we learned about bears. We did the song the Bear Hunt, read some fun bear stories and created our very own Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do You See? booklet. Another fun activity that we were involved in last week was an in-school field trip. The Wehr Nature Center came to our school and did an awesome presentation for 4K-2nd grade. The kids got to listen to a story and help add felt characters to a story board, play with and inspect real worms, and then do a wiggly worm craft using fake worms. The children really had a blast getting to touch the real worms :)

During Christ Light we learned how Jesus went back to Heaven. After Jesus came back to life from the dead, he made sure many people saw him. He spent time with his friends and taught them more about the Bible. Jesus wanted his friends to know God's Word well so they could tell it to others. One time, Jesus took his friends to a hill. He told them, "God the Holy Spirit will come to you and make you strong. Then you will go out into the world and tell others about me." Jesus raised his hands to bless his friends and as he did this he began to move up, up, up into the sky. After awhile a cloud covered Jesus and his friends could no longer see him. Jesus had gone back to his home in Heaven. Two angels appeared asking, "Why are you standing here, looking up into the sky? Jesus has gone back to Heaven, but someday he will come back, just as you have seen him go." His friends were filled with joy. This week we will be learning how the Holy Spirit came to Jesus' friends. 

Piper, Avalyn and Morgan had Mystery Bag this last week. Piper brought in her stuffed Copper: the hound from the movie Fox and the Hound. Then Avalyn and Morgan each brought in one of their babies. This week James and Xander will have Mystery Bag. 

During letter time we worked on the letter Xx. We learned how to write the uppercase and lowercase Xx's and that it makes the /ks/ sound. When it came time to do our letter journals we found out that there are not a whole lot of words that begin with the letter X so we drew some pictures of things that had the letter X in them as well. We drew things like exit, box, fox, xylophone, Xander and mix. 

During Happily Every After we began our last Unit: The ABC Book. This is a fun Unit as it goes through all the letters in the alphabet by making a fun little rhyming jingle for each letter. We will also work with the color pink, identifying rhymes, making patterns and following directions. 

During Social Studies we continued traveling by going to Australia. We learned some of the general information about Australia such as weather, food, and some commonly used Australian words such as g'day, lollies and mate. We then took a more in depth look at some of the animals found in Australia like the kangaroo, koala, wombat, dingo, Sydney funnel web spiders, and their many different kinds of birds. We then used newspaper to make cute koala bears. 

The warm weather is finally making its presence here in good ole Wisconsin; however, as always it could rain or temperatures may plumit. Please make sure that your child is still coming with appropriate clothing for outside and inside recesses. 

Our Zoo field trip is coming up quickly. Thank you to all the parents that have volunteered to drive. We will be leaving school around 9am and returning at about 2pm on Friday, May 4th. EVERY CHILD MUST HAVE A CARSEAT HERE THAT DAY OR THEY WILL BE UNABLE TO GO! We will be eating lunch at the Zoo, be sure to pack a cold lunch with something for your child to drink. There will be no place to warm anything up. And as always, please have your child wear their neon yellow Lamb of God shirts. 

Penny Wars is half over and we are currently in 4th place. It will be ending on Thursday, May 3rd. Keep searching in those couch cushions and between the seats in the car for those pennies {I found a penny cleaning out my car this weekend!} 

Dates to Remember 
Penny Wars - Monday, April 9th - Thursday, May 3rd
Spring Social - Friday, April 27th
Quesadilla Hot Lunch - Wednesday, May 2nd
Star Wars/Superhero Day - Friday, May 4th
Zoo Field Trip -Friday, May 4th
Muffins for Mom - Monday, May 14th
Moving on Ceremony - Thursday, May 17th @ 6PM
Ice Cream Day - Friday, May 18th
End of the 4th Quarter and Graduation - Thursday, May 24th
Field Day - Friday, May 25th (Half Day and Last Day)