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Miss Mantz 4K

But I love fall most of all and with fall comes pumpkins. Our theme this last week was pumpkin palooza. We learned all about pumpkins: how they grow, why they change colors, etc... During our weekly reader we learned why pumpkins are green, yellow and then orange. Then we worked on our graphing and couting skills with pumpkins. The children got to make a pumpkin man with crazy arms and legs (accordian folded). They also made paper chain pumpkins. The children are starting to get really excited for our Pumpkin Farm field trip that is coming up this week. 

Christ Light:  God had a great plan for Joseph and last week we were able to see how that plan played out. Joesphy was taken by the traders to a place called Egypt. Joseph worked hard and always did what he was told. But after while he was put into jail. Joseph was in jail for a long time but God took good care of him. Joseph was put in charge of the other prisoners. God also helped Joseph know what dreams meant. One time God sent two dreams to the king of Egypt. These dreams bothered the king and he did not know what they meant. One of the king's workers knew of Joseph and his ability to tell what dreams meant. The king had Joseph brought to him. He explained his dreams to Joseph and God helped Joseph to tell what the dreams meant. There would be 7 good years where the crops would grow and there would be plenty to eat. Then there would be 7 bad years where crops and plants will not grow and there would not be enough for people or animals to eat. Joseph said you should find a man very wise to put in charge of saving the grain during the 7 good years so there is food to eat during the bad years. The king then put Joseph in charge. 

Letter Time: This week we are going to review the letters we've learned so far and continue testing for progress reports. (end of the quarter is Wednesday, Oct., 23rd. 

Math: This week we reviewed our numbers 1-5 and then worked on our counting and matching skills with numbers 1-5. 

Social Studies and Happily Ever After: During Social Studies we continued our me on the map unit. We moved onto our state: Wisconsin. We learned all about some of the important land marks and places in WI such as the Wisconsin Dells and the capital. We also learned about things such as the state bird, flower, etc... With the short week this week we will not be having social studies. We continued working on our new unit: The Three Bears. This unit focuses on the color blue, big, medium, small and over. 

Recess:  Remember that your child will need gym shoes in order to play in the gym. Days that are rainy and wet will be spent in the gym. Also, make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather. We go outside a little after 9 AM and will continue going outside if the temperature is 20 degrees and above. 


Field Trip: Our Field Trip is Wednesday!! Please make sure to wear your neon yellow shirts and old shoes. Please also bring a fully disposable lunch - NOTHING will be coming home. Lastly, make sure to send a pillow case or cloth bag for your child to carry their pumpkin. 

Week 10: October 21st - 23rd
Theme: Spectacular Spiders
Christ Light: Joseph forgives his brothers
Letter & Sight Word: Progress Reports


Week 11: October 28 - November 1st
Theme: Reformation
Christ Light: God takes care of Baby Moses and God Chooses Moses
Letter: L
Sight Words: Go, To
Mystery Bag: Zoe


Oscar's Fundraiser - Monday, October 21st 4-8PM
(2362 S. 108th St. West Allis)
Mac and Cheese Hot Lunch - Tuesday, October 22nd

Slipper Day - Wednesday, October 23rd
Green Meadows Field Trip - Wednesday, October 23rd
NO SCHOOL - Thursday, October 24th and Friday, October 25th