Mrs. Wickland 5K

 Give us this day our daily bread.

     This week our Bible lesson was "God Gives His People Food." Although the Israelites sinned by grumbling and complaining, God lovingly used His almighty power to provide food for them. He gave them quail for meat and manna for bread.God also gives us what we need each day. May we trust in God and pray to Him for what we need.
     This week we finished learning about our latest Superkid, Sal. Next week we will begin learning about a new Superkid! The students have started blending letter sounds together to read words in their books. When their books come home, go through the books with them and let them read what it says! Be sure to visit the Superkids on line portal as well to review our previous Superkids! 
     We are learning with number lines during math class. This week the students filled in the missing numbers on their number lines. Be sure to work with your child at hoem with their numbers, as well!  
      We will be continuing our Book It! Reading Program this month! When your child returns their monthly reading log completely filled in, they will earn a certificate for a free personal pizza from Pizza Hut. What a deal- great time spent reading together and a free pizza!  
     We have library on Wednesdays. Please have your child's books back in the orange bin by Wednesday morning so they may check out new books. If they do not bring their books back by Wednesday, they will not be able to check out new books.
Have a safe and blessed week!
Mrs. Wickland