Mrs. Wickland 5K

  We love because He first loved us. 
1 John 4:19


     What a great first week! This week our Bible lesson was "Jesus Blesses Children." One day Jesus' disciples tried to keep some people from bringing yong children and babies to see Jesus. When Jesus saw what His disciples were doing, he was very angry with them. He told the disciples to let the children come to him. Jesus also spoke highly about the trusting faith young children can have in their Savior. Then Jesus held the children and blessed them. What a great reminder that Jesus loves people of all ages! May we show our love for Jesus by loving and serving people of all ages!    
     This week we focused a lot on our classroom rules and routines. When we weren't learning about those, we were focusing on how to be a great friend! We even made a friendship salad! The bowl that the salad was in represented our classroom. Then we added fruit cocktail. That represented the different boys and girls in our class. Next we added some marshmallows to represent all of the kind, caring and uplifting words we are going to use to build each other up! We added yogurt next. The yogurt represented all of the fun that we will have in our classroom! Next it was time to add a banana- only it was rotten!!! This rotten banana represented the hurtful things that we say and do that hurt our friends and crumple their hearts. We decided that there was no place in our classroom for those type of words or room in our friendship salad so those rotten bananas went right in the garbage! 
    If you did not turn in your scarecrow project for September, please do so as soon as possible! 
    Next week the fun continues as we begin Superkids, Math, Science and Social Studies!
     Have a safe and blessed week! 
             Mrs. Wickland