Mrs. Wickland

God our Savior wants all men to be saved. 
1 Timothy 2:3,4


     Our Bible lesson this week was, "God Saves Noah and his Family." Because of the great wickedness in the world, God decided to send a flood to destroy life on earth. God kept eight faithful people- Noah and his family- and many animals safe inside an ark. After leaving the ark, Noah offered a sacrifice to thank God for saving him and his family. God put a rainbow in the sky as a sign of His promise to never again send a flood that would destroy the whole world. Just as God saved Noah and his family from the flood, He has saved us from our sins, also! May we thank and praise God for saving us! 
     We have now met our second Superkid! His name is Oswald and he likes odd animals such as the octopus, ostrich, otter and ocelot! As far as I know, the issue with the parent on line portal has been resolved and everyone who turned in their slip from orientation should have access to the online portal. If you are having issues, please let me know and I will contact them again. If you have not yet returned the Superkids form from orientation, please do so as soon as possible so that you can access all of the great content through the online portal! 
     Have a safe and blessed week! 
             Mrs. Wickland