Mrs. Wickland 5K

 Be kind to one another, forgiving each other.
Ephesians 4:32

     This week our Bible lesson was "Joseph Forgives his Brothers." Joseph was made a powerful ruler in Egypt. His job was store food during the seven good years so that when the seven bad years came, there would be enough food. When Joseph's brothers came to get food from Joseph, they did not realize that the ruler was actually Joseph but Joseph knew they were his brothers that had sold him to traders years ago. Joseph sold his brothers food and then asked his servant to place his silver cup in the youngest brother's (Benjamin) sack and then the servant followed to retrieve it. When the servant found the cup in Benjamin's sack, the brother's sadly returned to Egypt. Judah offered to stay as a slave in Benjamin's place. Joseph saw that his brother's were sorry for their past sins and told them who he was. Joseph assured them of his love, gave them gifts and sent them to bring their families to Egypt. Just as Joseph forgave his brothers, God wants us to forgive others, too! May we continuously ask God to help us forgive people who sin against us! 
     This week we met our newest Superkid! Her name is Doc and she likes to fix old toys and make them new again. She also likes to create new inventions! We will finish learning about Doc next week. Be sure to visit the Superkids on line portal as well to review our previous Superkids! 
     We are still exploring the wonderful world of shapes in math! We are learning about parallelograms, hexagons and trapezoids! We are discovering which shapes we can trade to make another shape. For example, you can trade three triangles to make a rhombus or you can trade two trapezoids to make a hexagon. To keep that home-school connection strong, ask your child to find those shapes around the house! 
      Our first field trip will be on Wednesday, October 21st, 2019 to Green Meadows Pumpkin Farm. Permission slips and trips fees were due on October 18th. If you did not turn them in, please do so on Monday. A note will be coming home on Monday with more information regarding the field trip so be sure to check your child's folder!
      Also, October marks the begining of the Book It! Reading Program! When your child returns their monthly reading log completely filled in, they will earn a certificate for a free personal pizza from Pizza Hut. What a deal- great time spent reading together and a free pizza!  
     We have library on Wednesdays. Please have your child's books back in the orange bin by Wednesday morning so they may check out new books. If they do not bring their books back by Wednesday, they will not be able to check out new books.
Have a safe and blessed week!
Mrs. Wickland