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We have HOME basketball games coming up the end of December, before Christmas, and we need your help. All Basketball families should be signing up for at least one time slot!! If you are a non basketball family and would like to volunteer your time we would be more than happy to see your name on the list as well. Sign up by following the link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vVcRgGbo0qzy94QUf-2XvSYCdzFzuJ8jPXo8udTJsC0/edit?folder=0B9lETuB6MTbhNWlMN2JhSGZqMVE#gid=0

GLORY2GOD (G-Squared)

What is Glory 2 God? Glory 2 God is a series of sports camps and leagues in which youth children can participate. Their goal is to teach young athletes the game by building a foundation of skills to use their God-given abilities to their fullest as they give God glory in all that they do. These camps/leauges are hosted at Star of Bethlehem in New Berlin. To register follow the link: http://www.g2gyouth.com/default/180021105

Wisconsin Lutheran High School

Our high school has Junior Vikings teams. Check out their website here: Wisco Junior Vikings

More information about our high school.