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Class Information

Grades 5 & 6

Class Information

  • Classes begin at 8:10. If tardy, please do not disturb the room once the door has been closed for devotion. The door will be opened following devotion.

  • Work is to be handed in prior to 8:10 each morning. Tardiness may affect the grade. Assignments may also be handed in upon completion.

  • A pattern of late work will cause grades to be lowered.

  • Points are usually recorded. 

  • 0%  may be given if work is extremely late or little effort is shown.

  • Sometimes letter grades are used.

  • Check PowerSchool frequently to keep up-to-date

  • Success may be achieved by asking questions, being on time, and avoiding late work.

  • Absences from school are difficult on assignments. Avoid taking time off from school other than illness or emergencies.

Word of God

Old Testament lessons this year
Quarter grade = total points

Catechism/Memory Work

Memory Work is taken from the Catechism book. 
- Check document downloads page for a copy of the memory work.
Quarter grade = total points


ALL WORK MUST BE SHOWN! - Corrections are made on all assignments less than 90%.
Test every 5 lessons (Test 1 after lesson 10)
Quarter grade = Test 90%, Daily work 10%


Quarter grade = 75% Assignments & Tests: total points, tests count double, 25% Accelerated Reader 
Check document downloads page for a copy of the Accelerated Reader requirements & procedures.


Quarter grade = work 50%, test 50%


grades 5&6: American History up to Reconstruction
Quarter grade = work 50%, tests 50%
- Map test for most chapters


One unit per week – part 1 due Wednesday, parts 2-3 due Friday
Tests on Friday
- study basic, review, and challenge words
Quarter grade = work 50%, test 50%


Topics: The Changing Environment; Earth in the Universe; Energy, Forces, and Motion
Quarter grade = total points, tests count double