• Lamb of God
    Mrs. Martin
    Pastor Wessel
Student Responsibilities
ü Give 100% effort – 100% of the time
ü Listen and participate in class
ü Come to class prepared
ü Turn work in on time
ü When a problem arises, talk to me
Homeroom – 8:10 (in seats ready to start)
Ø Devotion
Ø Assignments Hand in all due today
How much time on homework?
ü About 45 - 60 each night 
ü Some may need more & some may need less, but all should have some on a regular basis.
ü 15 - 20 minutes for just reading
ü If your child is spending more than 2 hours on a regular basis, please contact me.
Parent Responsibilities
ü Check the PowerSchool to keep current
ü Check to make sure work is completed
ü Help your child learn how to find answers (Never give answers)
ü Contact the teacher with concerns
ü Visit the classroom if available