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Communication is a key area improving education.

For issues involving the school as a whole, feel free to contact the LOGLS Board of Education at board@logls.org

If there is an issue involving a particular class, the first step is to speak with that teacher.

If the issue is still not resolved, please speak with Principal Schwall or Assistant Principal MacKain.

If, after these steps are followed, please reach out to a representative of your LOGLS Board of Education. The members of the Board will ensure that these steps outlined in the student handbook are followed.


If there is a question concerning fellowship and extracurricular opportunities, the best forum to introduce activities or volunteer is our LOGLS Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). 

The core mission of LOGLS is to provide a Christian education. The extracurriculars we provide are supported by our families and volunteers. In order to provide additional fellowship and learning opportunities, LOGLS must rely on the God-given talents and participation of school families.

PTO meetings typically occur once every other month on a Tuesday. Check the school calendar for the next meeting. Please consider volunteering to help improve your school.